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Nam Taehyun’s expressions.

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fuck yang hyun suk

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seunghoon acting like his beloved ihee

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Anonymous asked: Do you ship Namhoon? 😏

yesss : )

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High Five-ing NamHoon

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the kitten imitating the baby lion’s crying

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thechoomgoeson asked: Had this one yet?? Big Bang.

Am I a fan?: they were my first Kpop crush ever, I still like them now but not as much as I used to 

First song I heard: Haru Haru

Favorite song: Blue

Favorite album: Remember

Favorite member: Seungri

Seen live?: I saw Taeyang once

Band rate: 7/10

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seunfhoon asked: Idk if someone sent you this already but WINNER. o/

Am I a fan?: yesssss

First song I heard: Officially Missing You

Favorite song: 사랑하지마 (But)

Favorite album: 2014 S/S (ha!)

Favorite member: Taehyun 

Seen live?: no

Band rate: 8/10