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okay all i’m seeing is anger. y’all need to sit down for a second.

do you think YG has put off their album so long just for shits and giggles? YG is a company that prioritizes quality. Winner has not had their debut put off constantly because of nothing.

You can tell by these…

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Mino, just stop.

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25th oct. 2013 ~ 13th may 2014

The first moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were something. I knew you I would stan you until the end of that cruel competition. 

Everyone of you had their own color. That’s why your ideas often didn’t match and you were always in trouble. But the fact that everyone of you shines of his own different and unique light isn’t a flaw. It’s actually a value. The most important one. Because you’re able to mix 5 different styles and backgrounds and experiences and opinions into one amazing thing. Which is your music.

You already proved the world you’re something. Not because you’re the best at dancing, not because you’re the best at composing, not because you’re the best in some particular field. It’s because you’re different. People will look at you and maybe think “well they are not really in sync while they dance” or maybe “they don’t take all the notes right while singing”, but they will surely think “what they do is something I’ve never heard or seen before” and everything else will come after that.

You got to know pain, you got to know frustration, you got to know the feeling of uselessness and helplessness in front of people who thought you weren’t enough. And this is what got you stronger. This is why you learned there’s always place for improvement. 

Words can’t express how much I’m proud of you. And I’m sure I’ll be even more once you debut. 

Because yes, #200dayswithWINNER and still no debut. But we lived 200 pretty awesome days nonetheless and the best is yet ahead.